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Behind the scenes of a factory visit

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Factory Visit in Wujian China
This pictorial article provides a behind the scenes view of a factory visit in China.

A factory visit is an important step in Graham’s quality control process. On this occasion he visited the supplier who manufactures our popular Butterfly and Banksia ranges of garden furniture. The main purpose of the visit was to source new aluminium products based on customer feedback. I was there with my camera so here’s a brief pictorial view of the visit.

The factory complex is huge. Graham and I met our host in the garden courtyard, then walked past several buildings to reach the first showroom.

Graham and Trudy on arrival at factory visit
Factory Visit in Wujian China

While Graham explained what he was looking for his supplier took photos of furniture he liked. I wandered around the large showrooms with the camera. Here’s a selection of the photos I took.

Large showroom during factory visit
Showroom display at factory visit

I found some old favourites scattered amongst the display items. I also discovered some hidden gems.

Square aluminium coffee table
Rectangular aluminium coffee table
Round aluminium coffee table

We found a few different options for the back of our popular Banksia bench range.

Ornate garden bench back
Attractive garden bench back
Interesting garden bench back

While I made a list of all the items I’d like to buy, Graham focussed in on a couple of products to complement his current wholesale range, in particular the arbour seat and a single seat version of our Banksia bench.

Garden arch and armchair

It was amazing to walk around the factory and see the manufacturing process unfold from the aluminium bars to individual seats, backs, arms and legs, to powder-coated pieces to packaged boxes. It certainly gave me confidence that the factory would be able to fill our orders quickly and professionally.

Factory Visit in Wujian China
Graham walking between showrooms on factory visit
Stack of frames ready for assembly

As for that bar I spotted that would look great at our place next summer – well, I’m still working on Graham.

Find out more

If you’re interested in learning more about factory visits and quality control processes, Graham provides an importing assistance service, that includes helping people with finding and checking out suppliers. If you’re interested in learning more about this service, contact Graham via phone on 02 624 0249 or email at

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