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Product Sourcing

Sourcing products for your business that your customer will want to buy at a price that allows you to make a profit takes time and effort. It involves research, finding suppliers, building relationships, quality testing, pricing, and, most importantly of all, decision making.

If your product sourcing strategy involves buying products from suppliers overseas, you will be looking for reputable suppliers with quality goods and reliable order fulfilment processes. There are several methods for finding products and suppliers, including online and in person options as well as seeking professional assistance from a product sourcing company. The method you choose may vary for different products, depending on the time and resources you have available.

Once you have selected your product and found one or more suppliers, you may want to negotiate price, ask for changes to the product or packaging, or order samples so that you can check the quality before you buy. You may prefer to deal directly with the manufacturer or work through a trading agent or wholesaler. You may want your supplier to handle shipping the goods to Australia or you may prefer to engage a freight forwarder to collect the goods from the supplier.

If you would like assistance with your product sourcing, Graham can help you navigate the options available to you or find the products for you. Contact him today to discuss your product sourcing needs or complete the three-step form below and he will get in touch with you. The three steps are: provide your personal details, provide your company details, and provide any additional information about your request.

If you would like assistance with importing your products to Australia, Graham offers an importing assistance service. You will find the details here.

Product sourcing trusted partner
Source your products with QPS Importers as your trusted partner

Contact Graham today

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Attending trade shows is an efficient way to source products for your business
Graham at the Canton Fair
Graham regularly attends the Canton Fair in China

Contact Graham to make an appointment for warehouse pickup

COVID-19 restrictions apply to Sydney at present. As a result, appointments will not be available until restrictions ease.

Where are you located?

Our warehouse is located in Ingleburn NSW.

How will I know when and where to collect my goods?

You will receive a pickup appointment confirmation email from QPS once your goods are ready and your payment is cleared. Information about where to pickup your goods will be provided in this email.

What do you need to bring?

You will need to present a copy of your pickup appointment confirmation email, printed or on your mobile, along with ID matching the authorised person’s details as listed in the confirmation email. Photo ID (driver’s licence, passport or photo id) will be required in order to receive your purchased goods.

Can someone else pick up my goods for me?

Yes they can. They will need a copy of your pickup appointment confirmation email, printed or on their mobile, along with their own photo ID.

What happens if I miss my pickup appointment?

Please call to schedule another pickup time or to make alternative delivery arrangements.