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Importing Assistance

If you want to import your own products from China, Graham offers do it yourself importing assistance.

Graham remembers what it was like when he first started importing products from China. He managed to navigate the maze of information, legislative requirements and the language barrier and he knows you can too. If you would like a helping hand for your do it yourself approach to importing, he is here for you. Graham can assist you with the following:

  • Understanding importing terms and jargon. He will explain importing terms in everyday language for you.
  • Travel to China. He will assist you to organise your own travel to China.
  • Finding and checking out suppliers. He will share his experience with you, including what worked and, sometimes more importantly, what didn’t work.
  • Attending trade fairs. He will even meet you there and show you how to get around the first time.
  • Developing and building relationships. He worked hard to do this for our own import business and will share what he discovered along the way.
  • Handling problems. He believes that it’s not until he has worked through the first problem with his suppliers that he knows he is building a good working relationship.
  • Learning about Chinese culture. He will pass on hints and tips that will help you to understand the differences between the Australian and Chinese way of doing business.
  • Obtaining expert assistance. There are some things that he leaves to the professionals.
  • Enjoying the experience. He has been doing this for thirteen years and he loves it. He will encourage and support you along the way.

Try before you buy - 15 minute consultation - absolutely free

This is a phone call or Skype conversation, which gives you a chance to talk to Graham. You tell him what you’re looking for and he will tell you if he can help.

If you would like to find out more about our importing assistance packages, call Graham today or complete the two-step form below and he will get in touch with you. The two steps are: provide your personal details and provide any additional information about your request.

If you would like assistance with finding products your customers will love to buy, Graham offers a product sourcing service. You will find the details here.

Contact Graham

Air sea and land freight options
Choosing the right freight option for your product
Keeping track of products from supplier to store
We help you get your products from the supplier to your store

If you are just starting your importing journey, here are some links to Australian Government resources that you may find useful.

Contact Graham to make an appointment for warehouse pickup

COVID-19 restrictions apply to Sydney at present. As a result, appointments will not be available until restrictions ease.

Where are you located?

Our warehouse is located in Ingleburn NSW.

How will I know when and where to collect my goods?

You will receive a pickup appointment confirmation email from QPS once your goods are ready and your payment is cleared. Information about where to pickup your goods will be provided in this email.

What do you need to bring?

You will need to present a copy of your pickup appointment confirmation email, printed or on your mobile, along with ID matching the authorised person’s details as listed in the confirmation email. Photo ID (driver’s licence, passport or photo id) will be required in order to receive your purchased goods.

Can someone else pick up my goods for me?

Yes they can. They will need a copy of your pickup appointment confirmation email, printed or on their mobile, along with their own photo ID.

What happens if I miss my pickup appointment?

Please call to schedule another pickup time or to make alternative delivery arrangements.